New Elevator Product by SmarTork

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“New Elevator Product by SmarTork Inc. Offers Safer, More Effective and Energy Efficient Means to Overcome Wind Velocities in the Closing of Elevator Hoistway Doors”

Millions of dollars annually are spent on service calls due to the predominant failure of existing door closers caused by wind loads and pressurization build up in elevator “shafts”. SmarTork reel elevator door reels smartork smcloser overcomes this problem by its’ REVOLUTIONARY Patent Pending design.

Independent tests have shown SmarTork has a 20% increased force in the final 2 inches of closing, thus overcoming wind velocities at their strongest point, showing a longer lifespan and reducing service calls.

SmarTork field tests demonstrated the most amazing results. Up to 10% power savings over conventional door closers was registered on each operation, thus proving “Green” energy saving properties.

**Potential tax credits, power rate and insurance adjustments may apply to qualified building owners.**

Government buildings are already utilizing this remarkable new product. SmarTork reel closers are to be installed by qualified Elevator Service Companies.

SmarTork comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranty, please contact your local elevator service company for pricing.

To view a video demonstration on “How SmarTork Works”, please visit website.

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