New Elevator Product by SmarTork

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“New Elevator Product by SmarTork Inc. Offers Safer, More Effective and Energy Efficient Means to Overcome Wind Velocities in the Closing of Elevator Hoistway Doors” Millions of dollars annually are spent on service calls due to the predominant failure of … Continued

Progressive Engineer Magazine

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“New Company Launches Product that Could Change the Elevator Industry” SmarTork of Boerne, TX has recently launched its much-anticipated spirator elevator hoistway door closer, which has received rave reviews in pre-production trials and promises to solve an age-old door-closing problem … Continued

Spotlight in Elevator World Magazine

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The SmarTork™ reel closure was conceived by Kelly L. Marshall in 1986 while having coffee with his sons, Dean and Chris Marshall. Dean needed ideas on how to stop persistent call-backs involving elevator doors subjected to high wind loads on … Continued