• "Overcomes Wind Stack Pressure on Hoistway Doors!"

SmarTork™  elevator spirator reduces callbacks, saves money, energy, eliminates noise and increases profits for building owners and elevator supply companies.

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elevator spirator

By design, the newly innovated SmarTork™ elevator spirator overcomes wind shaft velocity as the door closes. SmarTork™, with its helical groove design, provides 20% more tension in the “door-closed” position than in the “door-open” position and reduces amps. The SmarTork™ elevator door closer actually regains tension as it closes the door. SmarTork™ is able to accomplish these reactions by its revolutionary Patent-Pending design.

Over 1,000,000 cycles of testing performed by Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc., Southwest Research Institute, Case Study (Field Test), and UL Engineer Tested. The testing showed no significant deviation from torque and tension ratios. Access our test results.

SmarTork™ “Unihub” makes it interchangeable with the most square shaft or dual pin mounting brackets.

Please take a moment to view our video demonstration and read our testimonials. SmarTork™ meets or exceeds ASME A17.1 and related codes. Read more about SmarTork™.

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