Purchase SmarTork™ Elevator Hoistway 5 1/2″ Door Reel Closer

SmarTork™ Elevator Hoistway Door Closer saves money, and energy, eliminates noise, and increases profits for building owners and elevator supply companies. To order SmarTork™ spirator, please contact one of our suppliers.



elevator spirator

SmarTork™ Spirator

SmarTork™ Mounting Bracket

This proprietary bracket allows an additional ½” of clearance between the heads-of mounting screws and the SmarTork™ Spirator. The SmarTork™ Mounting Bracket can easily replace most existing mounting brackets with or without the SmarTork™ Spirator fastened to it. The SmarTork™ Mounting Bracket can also be utilized on all spirators up to a 5 1/2″ diameter, that has a square shaft hub.


Spirator Mounting Bracket

SmarTork™ Spirator Mounting Bracket