Although “SmarTork™ Elevator Hoistway Door Reel Closer” product does fall within test parameters set forth by EPA , Energy Star “ Primary Green products Standards and Certification Program” as it applies to Second and Third Party Standard Certification, SmarTork Inc. in no way claims any official certification of SmarTork™ Elevator Hoistway Door Reel Closer Product by any prevailing Government Entities or Agencies.

In as much as testing results prove substantial power reduction to Elevator Door Operators by the use of SmarTork Elevator Hoistway Door Reel Closure , no precedent is available on this product as to the access of Potential Tax Credit Benefits offered, as set by ASHRAE and specifically ASHRAE 90.1.

SmarTork Inc. makes no claims to the above mentioned benefits or incentives. Qualifications of such claims would be left to the Building Owner, their CPA and ultimately the decision of the Governing bodies as they pertain to EPA, Energy Star and ASHRAE.

Testing results can be provided to owners for submission to Prevailing Entities for potential overall building power reduction claims, whose buildings are already registered as Energy Star Rated facilities.