What our customers are saying…

“We ordered a set of SmartTork Hoistway Door Closers (spirators) from SEES in early October, as your supply was running too low at the time. We installed these in a two-stop Hydro at an Airport in Houston, TX in mid-October. These have been installed on an outdoor elevator, which is located in the Aircraft Operations Area, and receives back blast from the taxiing jets. This engine exhaust causes the hoistway doors to stall on occasion, and we are testing the SmartTork product to see if it will help. The results to date are very encouraging, and we have not had a single-door stall since they were installed. We have been very pleased with the performance of your product. The Airport is monitoring the performance as well, with an eye to installing SmartTork in garage elevators as needed in the future. I hope to be contacting you in a few months with more orders.” – Rick McQueen, Senior Project Manager – Mid-American/ERS Joint Venture

“We will never buy a regular reel closer again, all jobs will be replaced with SmarTork spirators and all modernizations are being bid with SmarTork, quiet and reliable” – Jasen Morrison, General Manager – ESCC, California, USA

“Smartork works great on wind stack problems, I would recommend to everyone we have had no callbacks on projects used.” – Thomas Hawkins, General Manager – Trans Bay Elevator, California, USA

“SmarTork is an excellent product, we used it on a Government job that gave us years of problems. The units have been on for over 9 months and we’ve had no calls on that project since. I would definitely recommend this product for any job.” – Tommy Hancock, Service Manager – Schindler Elevator, Texas, USA

“An endurance test was started on one of the sample door closers provided on 6/12/12 operating at 7.12 cycles per minute. The unit provides approximately the same amount of tension after 1 million cycles as was measured at the beginning of the test. The door close spring tension remains strong, no spring or bushing noise, and no noticeable bushing ware. I notice slight deformation and color change on the cable where the cable drops off to the small diameter section of the door closer hub. Due to the design, I can see benefits from having increased torque at a near full close position and decreased torque after the first 4″ of travel in the open direction. It would be a direct replacement for the current door closer due to the size and mounting style.” – David Sutton, IT / Technical Support – Columbia Elevator Products, Connecticut, USA